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John, I love the diversity & liveliness of your work. Seems like you never fail to follow your curiosity and your creative urges - it's inspiring. So glad you've got an online presence. Only wish I could convey to others how much the multiple pieces of your work which I own have enriched my life as well as my living-spaces... over many years, in some cases! A great tribute to your work is the fact that it's even more stunning when experienced for real. Some art that reproduces well digitally is little different in person. Not so yours! Keep it up please.... Cheers, Robyn
Robyn Marie Butt - 18 Jan 2014
I love it!
Rachelle Van Dijk - 8 Dec 2011
Hi John: I finally took the time to look at your work. I always enjoy your life art painting such as the water one and I loved the abstract water colours. Where is the next show?
Marie-Claire Recurt Recurt - 1 Dec 2011
Great work and great site! Keep it up!
Elisabeth - 29 Nov 2011
Brilliant, John! I really appreciate your inventive use of colour and energetic forms.
Tara Donovan - 29 Nov 2011
When's the next art show? Can't wait.
Marc - 28 May 2011
Love this work! You are so versatile. Been eyeing your faux set work on "Murdoch Mysteries" as well. Great old school. So real.
Normand - 25 May 2011
Love your work!
Claire - 18 May 2011
Hey John, very cool. Who is that strange Bunny?
Chantal Lapointe - 16 May 2011
John, you are incredibly talented!
Denise - 15 May 2011
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